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10 inch LED Ring Light with Long Foldable & Lightweight Tripod Stand

10 inch LED Ring Light with Long Foldable & Lightweight Tripod Stand

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Introducing our LED Ring Light with Long Foldable & Lightweight Tripod Stand – a versatile lighting solution designed to elevate your photography, makeup, live streaming, and content creation experience. Packed with features that combine convenience and functionality, this ring light is a must-have for anyone seeking professional-quality lighting.

USB-POWERED CONVENIENCE: Powered by a high-performance 10W Ring LED, this ring light is compatible with various devices supporting USB ports such as laptops, PCs, mobile power, USB chargers, and AC adapters. The four buttons on the ring light allow you to effortlessly turn it on/off, switch lighting modes, and adjust brightness levels, giving you the flexibility to find your ideal lighting option in seconds. Perfect for studio lighting, makeup sessions, camping, live streaming, and more.

INTELLIGENT COLOR TEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENT: We bring intelligence to your lighting setup with quick and easy color temperature adjustment ranging from 3400K to 5600K, eliminating the need for color filters. Achieve cold white light or warm light effortlessly to conceal blemishes and enhance skin tones. The LED SMD design, along with 220 high-quality LED beads, provides ample light for camera photography, live streaming, Facebook Live, beauty makeup, selfies, and videos.

DIMMABLE FOR PERFECTION: Equipped with 220 high-quality SMD LEDs, our LED ring light features three different lighting modes – white light, natural light, and warm light. Each mode offers nine adjustable brightness levels, providing the perfect dimmable daylight to eliminate undesirable shadows and enhance your facial features for any occasion.

EASY INSTALLATION: Setting up your lighting has never been easier. The ring LED effortlessly attaches to any light stand or tripod, allowing for quick and convenient installation.

PHONE HOLDER AND 7" FEET TRIPOD: Our Ring Light comes with a rotating (360 degrees) phone holder and a retractable tripod, providing you with the flexibility to capture various brightness levels and angles of lighting. The phone holder is compatible with most smartphones, ensuring you can achieve the perfect shot every time.

Upgrade your lighting setup with the LED Ring Light with Long Foldable & Lightweight Tripod Stand. Unleash your creativity, enhance your visuals, and capture the perfect lighting for every moment. Elevate your content creation game with us.

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